Friday, 14 May 2010

How The iPad Keeps You Connected, Wherever You Are

Thanks to the major marketing boost that the iPad received from parent company Apple, we now have the impression that it is the best device to experience the Web, watch online streaming video, and connect with friends via social networking services.

The opinion is backed with good reason and real results because the iPad is filled to the brim with Internet-savvy features and services. Despite the initial skepticism expressed by most industry pundits when the computing device was unveiled at a press conference in San Francisco, positive reviews by tech experts who had the privilege of testing the first few commercially available iPads—from Walt Mossberg to the guys at Engadget—had to admit that, indeed, Steve Jobs has unleashed a worthy competitor to netbooks.

It is equipped with built-in, high-speed 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, which makes downloading files and streaming videos fast and easy. You can forget about buffering, which takes up so much time that it lengthens a four-minute video into eight minutes of waiting. Although some connections may tend to slow down—particularly when there is heavy gateway traffic or when too many subscribers are using the network—it is not going to affect your iPad browsing experience, thanks to its combination of a beefed-up Safari app (which is Apple's answer to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer), and the latest Wi-Fi standard.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

iPad disassembly

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Looking At Features The iPad Does Not Have

Technology that's revolutionary, unique, and breakthrough—such are the adjectives that were attached to the iPad as it was launched by Apple early this year.

Its launch was arguably graced with one the most massive marketing concepts since the iPhone. Apple has a way of making grandiose statements about their products that result to great commercial interest. Sure, there exists a considerable gap between the positive and negative feedback, but these only fuels up the interest that is surrounding the latest Apple ingenue.

A lot has been said about the iPad's features and performance. iPad detractors have belittled its purported presence in the industry. Most of the comments belie on the gadget's lack of special qualities to actually take over one of the more popular devices today.

It cannot take over the iPod Touch primarily because of the difference in size. The main selling point of the iPod Touch is its handiness. For a relatively miniature piece, the iPod Touch can store so much files and deliver outstanding performance. It can play movies, videos, music, and games. In addition to that, an iPod Touch can connect to the Internet through wireless technology. It is practically the best amongst the slew of music players that came our way.

It cannot take over the iPhone or any smartphone in existence. The iPad does not support SMS, which is an inherent characteristic of a mobile phone. Moreover, it cannot perform the most important mobile feature: voice calls and its advanced sister, video calls. It cannot make video calls mainly because it does not have an integrated camera. It has a detachable camera that is sold separately as an accessory. It sounds fussy, definitely not the kind of device you would like to tote every day.

The iPad cannot take over the ominous laptops, whatever brand is in question. A laptop is heavy duty; its clamshell design protects the screen. It has a keyboard and a mouse and provides various input and output channels such as USB ports, flash drives, memory card slot, CD-ROM and HDMI socket. A laptop is a one-stop device that will enable you to accomplish your tasks in one sitting. Most importantly, a laptop is designed to support multitasking by allowing the user to open and run more than two programs at once.

Although it does have a case, which again, is sold separately. The iPad case is dual purpose; aside from protecting the display screen, it also serves as an iPad stand. A keyboard dock accessory is also available for those who prefer the convenience of typing away in an actual, physical keyboard.

For sure, a lot of iPad supplements will be introduced in the future, like an external hard drive or a mouse. In a practical sense, would anyone really want a gadget that offers the same features as the existing gadget already does? Not to mention the existing gadgets that have all the features tucked in without the need to purchase one accessory after the other.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

iPad – More Than A Toy

Sweeping generalizations branded iPad as nothing more than an expensive toy. And having more thousands and thousands of applications doesn't help much with its image. But is it really just a toy? Or is there something more to it than having a horsepower powerful enough to host as much apps as you want?

A Multimedia Player
It is, without the slightest hint of doubt, among the cheapest yet best-performing multimedia player in the market these days. It has superb software that can handle high definition videos as well nearly all forms of audio files, video files, podcasts, TV shows, and music. For the most parts, having all these functions is more than worth for the $499 buyers will have to dole out for the device.

An E-Reading Device
Many have dubbed iPad as the biggest threat to Amazon's Kindle. Despite Kindle's dedicated capabilities for e-reading, many Kindle users have already hopped in the iPad bandwagon to switch from the 1.2 pounds eBook reading Kindle DX to 1.5 pounds consolidated multimedia device that can fare as well as Kindle in its function.

Lots Of Apps To Use
Apple's tagline: 'there's an app for that', is not a marketing hyperbole. It is a reality. As if this selection is not mind-boggling enough, third party apps creators and developers are constantly creating new apps to add to the extensive collection that Apple has. So it is just more apps from here.

In the apple ecosystem, nothing is ever without internet connection. You can definitely use iPad wherever hotspots are present.

3G Connection
No Wi-Fi hotspot nearby? No problem. Apple integrates 3G with its iPad. Like it's smaller sibling – the iPhone, iPad can connect to AT&T's 3G network. What is so remarkable with this arrangement is that it does not bind users with long-term contracts. Activate or deactivate your 3G connection however you want, iPad and AT&T's partnership is purely customizable.

Hulu, YouTube and Other Video Hosting Sites
The lack of flash in iPad is a frequent complain. In fact, a monumental drawback. But download an app and you can have this problem resolved in no time. Although for now, the application is only applicable to YouTube. Other applications are expected to be available very soon.

Web Browsing
iPad uses Apple's own web browser- Safari, the same browser that iPod Touch and Mac use. Only with iPad, the features are enhanced to accommodate the touch screen technology of the device.

This is a no-brainer. Apple's iPad takes advantageous of external devices that connects via Bluetooth. Soon retail stores will be flooded with anything iPad – from Bluetooth keyboards to Bluetooth headphones.

Storage Capacity
Whether you are a media-hungry user or not, you can have options with iPad. You can go with 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions.

Productive Software Applications
Productivity apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers are available in iPad as well, making it as much a toy as a productivity device.

With the help of its virtual keyboard and email application, you can send and receive emails on the go. Given of course that you have access online.