Saturday, 23 October 2010

How The iPad Can be An Efficient Business Tool

From its inception, the iPad has been touted as a media consumer's appliance. It is largely known for its flawless image rendering, video playback and vast storage space. Nonetheless, the iPad's purpose doesn't start and end on entertainment and leisure alone. It is also purposeful for business-savvy users who would like to experience Apple's newest addition to its roster of technologically advanced products.

Apple isn't entirely detached from Microsoft-based productivity programs; as a matter of fact, the iPad has built-in support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007. The manufacturer understands the proliferation of Microsoft's Business Email service and would not let their users be left behind in business if they select to go with an iPad.

The Microsoft Exchange support will allow push email service and will be made obtainable to the user's calendar events and contacts' information stored on their Microsoft profile. It is also possible to manage particular calendar details, search global address lists and inbox messages through this enhanced software feature.

Security is of utmost importance on an iPad; at the owner's preference, multiple complex passwords can be assigned to make sure that confidential info remain inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Information exchanged over-the-air or via the Web could be encrypted to ensure security. Additionally, corporate communication over-the-air is highly protected by a certificate-based authentication procedure via Trade and VPN. Even an unfortunate event for example loss or theft of the iPad won't leave important data vulnerable because information on it could be securely deleted via a remote command.

Specialized apps such as company metrics tracker, proposal reviewer, travel organizer, and flight tracker have been developed with the iPad's business users in mind. A lot like the enterprise edition of the BlackBerry RIM, Apple also hosts the iPhone Developer Enterprise Program. The distinction of the iPhone Developer Enterprise from the Blackberry RIM is that the Apple-supported initiative will enable businesses to produce their very own specialized apps. Their extremely own apps will probably be shared to their employees and will probably be deemed proprietary by the client business.

Moreover, iPad profiles can be effortlessly configured for companies. Businesses can set up their own profiles, complete with details for example VPN, e-mail, wireless network, and password and share it with colleagues on the iPad via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Internet. Most importantly, iPad supports iWork, Apple's office productivity suite of apps that enables the user to create and browse documents, spreadsheets and presentations. These apps have been redesigned to complement the iPad's multi-touch system.

Keynote slides can be presented, produced, and enhanced via the touchscreen device. iWork's mobile versions of Numbers and Pages may also be managed by tapping elements on the multi-touch screen. These documents can be shared in different ways; for instance, a VGA adapter can be used to connect the iPad to a projector to permit larger displays for a roomful of audience. Microsoft documents may also be imported into the iPad. Presentations, spreadsheets and text paperwork can be shared on a wider scale by uploading to where the public can view these files.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pageonce Personal Finance

Pageonce Personal Finance is the |biggest mobile Personal Finance Service in the US. Customers can get financial peace of mind by controlling all of your online accounts, anytime, anywhere. Monitor and review credit card transactions, bank accounts, investment portfolios and much more!

Key features
  • Bill management on the go
  • Monitor your credit card transactions
  • Check your bank account status
  • View detailed bill statements
  • Review your investment portfolio
  • Receive account activity alerts and push notifications
  • Track frequent flyer miles and travel itineraries
  • Track mobile minutes, text and data usage
  • Safe and secure

PowerOne Financial Calculator

PowerOne is also programmable, giving you the capability to write your personal or add-on pre-created calculator templates. It is as simple as entering a formula in a spreadsheet cell!

Powerful Computation
  • Full-featured algebraic and RPN calculator available from anywhere within the application.
  • Almost 60 calculator templates included for finance, real estate, investing, business and conversions.
  • Need more? Program your own or add-on pre-created calculator templates.
  • Easily organize tabs and template lists to put your favorites within reach.
  • Email the results to yourself or clients.
  • Perform calculations in either decimal, fraction or feet-inch format
  • From a trusted source: over 15 million powerOne calculators distributed.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Loan Calculator Pro

Loan Calculator Pro is an easy to use financial calculator. Within seconds, you will be able to calculate the monthly payment for different types of fixed rate loans such as home mortgage, auto, and credit card. You can calculate "what if" scenarios to determine how additional monthly and yearly payment will help you to pay off your loan earlier and save money in interest. In addition, you can use Loan Calculator Pro to track all your extra payments at any amount and at any point in the life of your loan.

Optimized for iOS 4 and Retina Display
- Supports fast app switching and higher resolution Retina display.

- Early Payment Simulation
See how much interest you will save and how early you will pay off your loan by entering extra payment amounts per month and/or per year.

- Extra Payment Tracking
Loan Calculator Pro will let you track all of your extra payments in variable amounts throughout the life of the loan. For example, it will let you track an extra $100 in principle on the first payment, an extra $300 on the 5th payment, and an extra $1000 one the 10th payment, etc. This way, the application will still be useful long after you have purchased your property and will let your know exactly where you are with all your loan payments.

Loan Calculator for iPad

Getting a new or refinancing an existing loan? Buying a home or investing in rental property? Switching from renting to owning? Paying down a credit card debt?

Mortgage &  Loan Calculator

Save thousands by making smarter loan decisions! Mortgage & Loan Calculator from Aaero Byte Software Inc. helps you make smarter mortgage decisions. Explore what-if scenarios for your loans within seconds with just few taps and flicks. For example, find out:
- What would be my monthly payment for a $300K home with $15K down payment?
- How much mortgage insurance would I pay for FHA loan with each payment?
- How much mortgage can I carry for the $1,000 rent that I am paying today?
- How much mortgage do I qualify for with $80K/year job?
- How much interest am I paying with each payment?
- What would be my tax credit on the interest from each payment?

Finger Drawing on iPad