Wednesday, 13 October 2010

PowerOne Financial Calculator

PowerOne is also programmable, giving you the capability to write your personal or add-on pre-created calculator templates. It is as simple as entering a formula in a spreadsheet cell!

Powerful Computation
  • Full-featured algebraic and RPN calculator available from anywhere within the application.
  • Almost 60 calculator templates included for finance, real estate, investing, business and conversions.
  • Need more? Program your own or add-on pre-created calculator templates.
  • Easily organize tabs and template lists to put your favorites within reach.
  • Email the results to yourself or clients.
  • Perform calculations in either decimal, fraction or feet-inch format
  • From a trusted source: over 15 million powerOne calculators distributed.

Included Templates
  • Time Value of Money, Cash Flows, Bonds and Depreciation
  • Percent Change, Percent Total, Markup, Discount and Margin
  • Fixed, variable (ARM) and interest-only Mortgages
  • Currency Conversions with Auto Updated Data
  • Area, Date, Interest, Length, Mass, Temperature and Volume Conversions
  • 401(k), CD, IRA, Inflation, Black-Scholes and Investment Return
  • Regular Withdrawals and Retirement Savings
  • Auto Lease, Auto Loan and Commercial Lease
  • Cap Rate, Debt Coverage Ratio, Equity Dividend Rate and Equity Yield
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Fuel Efficiency and Mileage Reimbursement
  • General Loans and Leases, Deferred Loan and Series Loan
  • Investment Value, Lease Analysis, Loan Constant, Property Analysis
  • Loan Qualification, Loan Refinance, Seller's Net/Commission
  • Breakeven, Sales Tax, Summary Data
  • Price Comparison and Tip
  • Probabilities, One and Two Variable Statistics with Regressions
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