Monday, 11 October 2010

Loan Calculator for iPad

Getting a new or refinancing an existing loan? Buying a home or investing in rental property? Switching from renting to owning? Paying down a credit card debt?

Mortgage &  Loan Calculator

Save thousands by making smarter loan decisions! Mortgage & Loan Calculator from Aaero Byte Software Inc. helps you make smarter mortgage decisions. Explore what-if scenarios for your loans within seconds with just few taps and flicks. For example, find out:
- What would be my monthly payment for a $300K home with $15K down payment?
- How much mortgage insurance would I pay for FHA loan with each payment?
- How much mortgage can I carry for the $1,000 rent that I am paying today?
- How much mortgage do I qualify for with $80K/year job?
- How much interest am I paying with each payment?
- What would be my tax credit on the interest from each payment?

Get it here for here:,iphone,ipodtouch,mortgage-loan-calculator/download.html